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Simple Fast Mortgage are a Manchester Mortgage Broker. Manchester is a city that is fast becoming one of the most popular places to live in the country. It offers residents access to work opportunities, a host of amenities, and national venues for art, music and sport. 

Simple Fast Mortgage is a trusted mortgage broker with vast expertise in helping people looking to finance property purchases. We offer help with mortgages for landlordshome moversbusinesses, and first time buyers. And we help source mortgages for professionals such as teachers, doctors, vets, dentists, barristers, actuaries, and solicitors. We also offer We also offer special services for NHS workers and armed forces personnel right here in Manchester. 

We’re trusted throughout the city for our knowledge, insight, and ability to match buyers with the perfect products. 

Although Manchester is their home city, Simple Fast Mortgage offer advice nationwide. Simple Fast Mortgage offer advice remotely over the telephone, via video call and email. Contact Us to find out more.

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Who Are Manchester Mortgages For?

Mortgages are essential for anyone who wants to buy a home but doesn’t have the cash to pay for it in full. Lenders provide the extra funds needed to purchase a property in return for future repayments plus interest. 

Mortgages are suitable for a broad swathe of people who wish to own a property. Correspondingly, this includes first time buyers and those already on the property ladder. Mortgages are also used to refinance homes perhaps to release extra cash. 

You can use a Manchester Mortgage Broker to find a specific type of mortgage. This could be depending on where you live, where you work, or other personal circumstances. Professionals, such as doctors, police officers, solicitors, barristers, actuaries, teachers and accountants can access specialist products. Equally this is true for NHS workers and armed forces personnel.

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How Do You Arrange a Manchester Mortgage?

You can arrange a mortgage by either going directly to lenders or by using a local Manchester Mortgage Broker. When you choose a broker, you access their substantial expertise and market knowledge. This will often save you time and money. Many lenders acceptance criteria is complex. Applying for a mortgage without understanding this in full can often lead to a declined mortgage application.

As a Manchester Mortgage Broker, we have arranged many mortgages for people in the local area. Thus, we can provide you with advice on how much you can borrow and how much that will cost each month.

We also have a network of professional connections, such as solicitors and estate agents. Our network becomes your network and this smooths the mortgage process. 

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How Does a Manchester Mortgage Broker Work?

As a Manchester Mortgage Broker we will work with you by asking questions to understand your personal circumstances. Your income streams, current debt levels and financial commitments are key.  Your credit history is also important to find the right mortgage lender to suit your needs and circumstances.

When discussing with your Manchester Mortgage Broker, you should have available any relevant supporting documentation. Proof of identity, proof of address, proof of income, and recent bank statements are all relevant. We will use these documents to support your application with a mortgage lender.

If you are self-employed or freelance we will ask for tax returns. Lenders use tax returns to calculate how steady your income is year on year. The less volatile your income, the more likely you are to make repayments on time. Hence the less risk you pose to the mortgage lender. 

Having all these documents available from the start can help prevent delays and get you the most suitable mortgage fast

Credit Report

We will always assist you to get a Credit Report from a credit reference agency prior to completing a mortgage application. The Credit Report contains information the lender will check when we submit a mortgage application. The report is an important part of the lender’s mortgage underwriting assessment. Therefore, we want to see what the lender will see. This helps to assess the likelihood of your mortgage application being accepted in advance of submitting a application form. 

You should not incur a cost for a Credit Report as you can access a 30 day free trial and subsequently cancel the subscription once you have downloaded it. You can obtain a Credit Report now by using this link: Check My FileCheck My File is our preferred provider as they provide comprehensive information from different credit reference agencies. This information can often differ and saves you checking each one individually.

Exceptional Service

A Manchester Mortgage Broker has access to exclusive products and lenders that you as an individual applicant cannot apply for directly.  You can only apply for mortgages available through high street lenders. Therefore, their offer extends to more specialist lenders who cater for more specific individual circumstances.

In addition we complete all the application paperwork on your behalf. A  Manchester Mortgage Broker has extensive experience doing this which reduces the effort required on your part and the risk of costly mistakes.

We also liaise with your solicitor, estate agent, developer or other contact. We ensure everyone is kept fully up-to-date throughout the mortgage process. Contact Us to arrange an appointment.

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What Mortgage Services Does a Manchester Mortgage Broker Offer?

Simple Fast Mortgage offer a host of services designed to assist property buyers. Our usual service is what is called ‘Advice & Recommendation’. This means we will fully assess your circumstances and recommend the best mortgage product for you. We will also explain why we believe this is the best mortgage product and provide you with sufficient information and guidance so you are able to make an informed decision. We do not charge a fee to do this.

First Time Buyer In Manchester

First Time Buyer Mortgages are a special product for those buying their first property to get on the housing ladder. Typically deposits are lower on First Time Buyer Mortgages and there are often incentives such as free legal fees, free valuations, or cashback on mortgage completion.

The definition of a first time buyer can change from one lender to another. For example some define this as never owning a property or land, while others have a specific time-frame. It is important to work with a broker who fully understands lender criteria.

We will prepare an Agreement in Principle sometimes known as Decision in Principle so potential sellers and estate agents know you have been financially vetted and are serious about purchasing.

First time buyers also have access to government backed schemes such as Help to Buy and Shared Ownership which help you get on to the property ladder more quickly, with a smaller deposit, and lower initial mortgage repayment. It is important to consider if these schemes are right for you. We can guide you through this process from the start right through to completing the purchase.

Remortgaging In Manchester

Those who have built up equity can access it by remortgaging their homes. Mortgage brokers can show you your options for releasing cash from your property, switching to a lower rate deal or moving home.

Of course you can simply approach your existing lender for a remortgage. However you should consider the mortgages available from alternative lenders as these could be much more competitive. A good mortgage broker will compare what is available from your current mortgage lender to what is available from alternative mortgage lenders. This is to get you the cheapest overall deal. Ask us to do this for you.

Mortgage Protection Insurance In Manchester

Mortgage brokers can show you mortgage protection and insurance options. You will receive advice and access to a range of products that provide financial support to you and your family in times of need.

This could be from providing a lump sum to go towards paying off the mortgage in the event of death or critical illness. Or could be to providing a proportion of your income to cover the mortgage and essential payments if you are unable to work due to long-term illness or injury.

Buy-To-Let Mortgage In Manchester

Lending rules differ for landlords taking mortgages to rent properties out to tenants.

The mortgage products available to you will differ depending on whether you are an intentional landlord or not.  An intentional landlord is where you have purchased a property with the sole intention to rent it out. An accidental landlord is where you have inherited a property or may have moved home without selling.

Lender’s affordability assessments for Buy to Let mortgages differ from normal affordability assessments. Buy to Let affordability assessments are generally based on a percentage of the rental income compared to the amount of mortgage repayment. Again, our mortgage brokers can show you your options and negotiate on your behalf with mortgage lenders. Contact Us.

Specialist Manchester Mortgages

Specialist mortgages are for people working in particular professions and may offer financial advantages. Mortgage lenders are often prepared to offer preferential mortgages to those with a professional career path. For example,doctors, accounts, solicitors, dentists and barristers.

Specialist mortgages can also benefit people who have particularly complex or unique circumstances. Such as ex pats or non-UK nationals, the self-employed or limited companies.


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Local Manchester Mortgage Broker

In summary local Manchester mortgage advisors can provide you with fast and simple mortgage advice when taking out a mortgage. They answer all your questions and help you find suitable financial products with less stress.

What Does a Manchester Mortgage Advisor Do?

A Manchester mortgage broker assists you to navigate the mortgage process. They will do their utmost to get you the very best deal. Mortgage brokers have access to mortgages you cannot obtain directly. 

They are your compass through the challenging process of making a decision about which mortgage is best for your circumstances. Additionally, your mortgage broker will also discuss the rates and the various sorts of mortgages. They will agree with you on the length of time it is best to borrow for.

When you have chosen a broker, they will begin to collect the appropriate information for your mortgage application. Much like the documents a bank would collect concerning your credit history. They will use these details to find the very best rate for your situation.

After this is finished, the Manchester remortgage adviser will send the information to a mortgage provider. Without a doubt, the mortgage lender will ask any additional questions to satisfy themselves that they are happy to lend them money. Accordingly, the mortgage broker will mediate with both parties to make certain every little thing runs smoothly. If you don’t use a mortgage broker, you’ll do this part yourself.

How To Choose a Mortgage Adviser In Manchester

1. Try To Find An Unrestricted Broker

There are numerous things you ought to take into consideration when selecting a mortgage advisor. Amongst the most crucial is whether they are unrestricted. Some mortgage advisors and brokers can only advise on mortgages that are offered from a ‘panel’ of lenders. On the other hand, if you talk with an advisor based in a bank or building society, they will tell you about the bank’s mortgages. An unrestricted broker will certainly have the ability to examine a cross-section of the mortgage market so they can advise the least expensive or most appropriate mortgage for you. This can potentially save you a great deal of cash.

2. Inquire About Direct-only Mortgages

Mortgage advisors have access to many mortgages, and mortgage lenders, you cannot access them yourself directly. However, there are also some mortgages you can obtain that brokers can’t. For example, First Direct does not work with mortgage brokers. Mortgage brokers do not have a responsibility to notify you of these deals (but we will always tell you there are some lenders you can only access directly). Nevertheless, it’s worth asking your mortgage advisor if they will inform you regarding any kind of direct deals that might be less expensive.

You might want to do your research study if your broker is incapable or reluctant to review direct-only deals. If your broker is not able or reluctant to talk about direct-only deals, you might want to do some of your research.

3. Think About Which Kind Of Broker To Use

While many mortgage brokers deal with customers face to face or over the phone, there’s currently an expanding number of ‘Robo mortgage advisors’. Robo advisers enable you to perform some or all of the mortgage application procedures online with a robot. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method. Whilst we offer all our mortgage advice online, you will always speak to a human being, and you will always have the option of a friendly face-to-face video call.

How Much Do Mortgage Brokers Charge?

The answer ultimately depends on how complicated your circumstances are. Effectively, we charge according to how much time it will take to agree to your mortgage. We think that is fair. So, if you send us 199 emails with one image of a bank statement on each one, the price will be more.

Should I Use a Mortgage Broker In Manchester?

Independent mortgage advisers have vast expertise in the mortgages offered by different lenders. They can scour the marketplace for you as well as recommend the best deal.

To discover these offers by yourself involves a great deal of research and discussing your circumstances many times over with different mortgage lenders.

An adviser may also have the ability to locate a deal you can not find by yourself. Additionally, the possibility of being approved for a mortgage is enhanced when using a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers understand which lenders are best matched to your specific situation.

This is especially crucial if you do not have a big deposit. But also have not been with your employer for long or if you’re self-employed or freelance.

What’s The Difference Between a Mortgage Broker And a Mortgage Advisor/Adviser?

The work ‘broker’ tends to indicate someone who only works transactionally. Whereas, an ‘adviser’ adds extra value by giving you important advice to help your situation. We are mortgage advisers. However, a mortgage broker and a mortgage adviser are usually the same things.

Do I Need a Mortgage Broker?

It can be a great idea to make use of a mortgage broker because:
  • Mortgage brokers understand the marketplace well and also understand the most up-to-date mortgage products and deals.
  • They understand which lenders fit with unusual or uncommon situations.
  • Mortgage brokers will provide advice as well as support throughout the process and also will serve as your spokesperson with the mortgage lenders, making it much less stressful and also boosting your chances of getting a mortgage.
  • Mortgage brokers can in some cases obtain excellent offers much better than you might get going straight to the lender.


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