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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is one of the most important stages of the house-buying process. It’s the name of the special branch of the law that deals with the legalities of buying and selling property. Conveyancing is essential whether you are purchasing a residential, buy to let or commercial property. It’s also a stage of the house-buying process which is mandatory. This ensures the transfer of property ownership goes through smoothly. Conveyancing is vital in ensuring that both you, the seller and your mortgage lender are all protected. It’s therefore essential that you appoint the right legal professional to deal with all the legal aspects.

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What is the conveyancing process?

There are several stages to the conveyancing process when buying a property. Conveyancing is normally conducted by a conveyancer or solicitor. It’s their job to check that all the documentation associated with the transaction is ‘above board’. 

Conveyancing Stages

Legal work

One of the conveyancer’s main responsibilities is to carry out the legal work involved in transferring the property’s ownership from the seller to the buyer. 

Tasks can include: 

  • Reviewing the draft copy of the contract provided by the seller’s conveyancer. This details the conditions of the sale such as the price and any other important information. Your conveyancer will negotiate on your behalf until both parties are satisfied with the contract. 
  • Checking the information on the property supplied by the seller’s conveyancer 
  • Addressing any questions or issues that arise from the contract or the property details 

Thorough searches of the property

After the initial checks of the draft contract and the property details, the conveyancer will check the property survey report and start the searches. The searches check for any outstanding issues with the local authority, including planning. Searches can also involve looking into the risk of flooding and checking for previous land use to see if there is a history of mining or contamination. The conveyancer can then act, where necessary, and look further into any issues likely to cause you or the mortgage lender problems further down the line. 

Getting a mortgage

The conveyancer will also check the formal mortgage offer to ensure that everything is in order. They will liaise with the lender on your behalf if any issues come up that the lender should be aware of. Your conveyancer will also arrange for you to sign the mortgage deed. The mortgage deed is a legal document that is the formal proof of your loan agreement with your mortgage lender. 

Contracts exchanged

The exchange of contracts is the point in the process where the transaction becomes legally binding. After exchange, if either party wants to pull out of the transaction or change the conditions, they could suffer financial penalties. They could also become liable for any costs incurred by the other party as a result of their actions. 
Once the exchange of contracts takes place, the buyer pays the deposit to the conveyancer and a date is set for completion. The conveyancer will also normally finalise all their checks to ensure everything is ready for completion. 


On the date of completion, the lender releases the mortgage funds, and your conveyancer transfers the money to the seller’s conveyancer. The seller moves out and the buyer takes possession of the property. The conveyancers then finalise all the paperwork. This includes checking the deeds, reporting to HMRC, paying any relevant Stamp Duty, and registering the sale and the mortgage with the Land Registry.  

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How much do conveyancing services typically cost?

Conveyancing fees will vary depending on the complexity of the transaction and the value of the property. To find a conveyancing solicitor and get your quote, select the relevant link below and answer just six questions to get a price tailored to your unique situation.   

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Why choose Simple Fast Mortgage to find trusted conveyancing services?

At Simple Fast Mortgage, we work with a network of trusted conveyancers and solicitors who want to help make the house-buying process as stress-free as possible. Our professional conveyancers will take the burden of the legal process off your shoulders so there’s no need for you to worry. We’ve been working with our trusted conveyancers for many years so you can trust that you are in in good hands with legal professionals who know what they are doing. Contact us today if you need conveyancing service recommendations.

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