Mortgages For Dentists - How to Get a Dentist Mortgage

If you are a dentist and looking to buy a property, it can be difficult to find a mortgage due to your income. We help find mortgages for dentists using lenders who understand the complexities involving your income making the process more straightforward.

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Dentist Mortgages

According to the GDC (General Dental Council), there are currently over 42,215 registered dentists in the UK. If you are considering purchasing a new home or refinancing your current one, then we can help. Simple Fast Mortgage helps UK dentists to find mortgages with lenders who have an understanding of your income whether you work for the NHS, in a private practice or for yourself. Why not start your application today?


Do you have questions about Mortgages for Dentists? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below:

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Who do we Help?

We help find mortgages for dentists regardless of the stage of your career you’re at or where you work.


Dentists we work with:

NHS Dentists

Dentists employed in private practice

Dentists who are partners in Limited Liability Partnerships

Self-Employed Dentists (sole traders)

Limited Company Director Dentists

Student Dentists

Newly Qualified Dentists


If you work for the NHS we also have a dedicated webpage for NHS Mortgages which you can read.

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What Mortgages Are There For Dentists?

Dentists have many options when it comes to mortgages. Dentists make great applicants for mortgage applications due to your income, the high demand for dentists and your potential for greater income, all of which means you’re much more likely to repay your mortgage. There are lots of mortgages available on the market whether you are a first-time buyer purchasing your first property, moving house, wanting to refinance or to develop a buy to let investment portfolio. Depending on your situation, a traditional mortgage may be suitable for your needs. If not, we have access to more specialist lenders if your case is more complex. Speak to our expert mortgage advisors on 0333 090 2025  to find out more.

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Which Lenders Provide Mortgages For Dentists?

Many lenders provide mortgages for dentists but whether you are eligible will depend on your income, your employment type and how long you have been employed or self- employed. Whilst many employed NHS dentists will be accepted for a mortgage with traditional high-street lenders such as Halifax, for those who are self-employed or have recently qualified it can be harder to get a mortgage. Despite this, there are specialist lenders such as Melton Building Society who may be able to help even if you only have one years’ figures. Contact Us to speak to one of our mortgage advisors and find out more about which lender might be right for you.

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Can I Get a Mortgage as a Self-Employed Dentist?

Yes, mortgages are available for self-employed dentists. Lenders will typically ask for a minimum of two years’ figures by way of tax calculations to assess your income. If you’ve not been trading for two years you may still be able to get a mortgage as some lenders will consider you if you have one year’s figures. It’s likely you’ll need to provide other documents as well such as business bank statements showing your earnings. For more information on self-employed borrowing, check out our page on Self-Employed Mortgages

Will I Get a Dentist Mortgage as a Director of a Limited Company?

Directors of limited companies can get mortgages too. You’ll usually need to have been trading for a minimum of two years and lenders will normally request either an accountant reference – where the accountant fills in a form, or two years’ tax calculations. If you’ve recently incorporated and only have one year’s Limited company income, you may still be able to get a mortgage if you can provide evidence of your previous income. Check out our dedicated page on Limited Company Director Mortgages for more information.

Is it Possible to Get a Dentist Mortgage as a Partner in a Limited Liability Partnership?

Are you a partner in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)? It can be daunting trying to finance a property purchase or release capital. There are lenders who allow pay received via an LLP towards mortgage affordability, but what income they will accept is determined by the way your LLP has been set up. If you are paid via PAYE, your income will most likely be confirmed using payslips and tax calculations. Alternatively, if your LLP is not set up for PAYE, you’ll just need to provide two years’ tax calculations. We work with your accountant to get the right solution for you. Contact Us to find out more.

Are Mortgages Available for Newly Qualified Dentists?

Recently qualified or due to qualify as a dentist? Congratulations!! If you are looking to purchase your first home, it can be tricky to find a mortgage – but we can help. Many newly qualified dentists struggle to get a mortgage as lenders like people to have been in a role for a minimum length of time so if you are about to start your first position or have only started recently it can be difficult to get a mortgage. This is where we can help, we work with specialist lenders who have criteria which is much more flexible. They may consider you for a mortgage with just one month’s payslip, your employment contract or offer letter to confirm your income. Speak to us on 0333 090 2025 to find out what you’ll need and when you can apply.


I’m a Student Dentist, Can I Get a Mortgage?

Are you a dentist-in-training? If you need a mortgage it can be hard to find a mortgage which will accept all of your bursary income towards your mortgage’s affordability. Our expert mortgage advisors have extensive knowledge of the current mortgage market and we know that there are specialist lenders who can help. And whilst some lenders may only take 50% of your bursary income into account, there are others such as Mansfield Building Society, that may consider a higher amount. Contact Us to find out more.

What Mortgage Can a Dentist Afford?

The amount of borrowing available to you will depend on a number of factors including your credit history, size of the deposit, your terms of employment (i.e. if you are employed / self-employed etc), your income and the property details. To find out how much you can borrow you can speak to one of our mortgage brokers who will take you through a full assessment to give you an indication of what you can borrow. 


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