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Simple Fast Mortgage is a local Altrincham mortgage broker. We offer sound professional mortgage and Equity Release advice with a free initial consultation.

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Simple Fast Mortgage is an Altrincham mortgage broker. Accordingly, with an office in the heart of the town we provide simple, fast, mortgage advice to the local area. As an Altrincham mortgage broker we help with:

Not to mention, additional specialist Altrincham mortgage broker services.

Read our guide for First Time Buyers here: First Time Buyer Guide

Understand the considerations for a remortgage here: Remortgage Guide

Learn more about buy to let mortgages here: Buy to Let Guide

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Altrincham is a great place to live or work. Evidently, being a mortgage broker in Altrincham has benefits. For one, bordering Cheshire with Greater Manchester there are many fabulous places to eat

Have kids? The schools in Altrincham rate amongst the best in the country. For instance, many schools are rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Worried about crime? The crime rate in Altrincham is one of the lowest in Greater Manchester. It is also below the National Average:

Simple Fast Mortgage chose to be a mortgage broker in Altrincham due to the welcoming friendly community.

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If you want to choose a mortgage broker in Altrincham we are among the best. This is because we pride ourselves in putting great service at the heart of everything that we do. Our service has been fine tuned over many years experience. 

Our founding principal Rob Peters, Dip PFS, MAQ & ER, is a mortgage advice subject matter expert. Rob spent two decades working as an independent consultant ensuring consumers were treated fairly. As such, Rob has seen what works and doesn’t at most of the high street big names. What’s more, he has often advised on how to fix it.

Rob has combined sound advice and great ethics to create Simple Fast Mortgage. Read our Google reviews to see what our customers think about this Altrincham mortgage broker. 

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We are an expert mortgage advisor in Altrincham. You have reached the right place for professional knowledgeable mortgage advice. We offer bespoke and specialist mortgage advice. Because of this we have helped many customers with complex or special situations find the best mortgage deal for them. 

We understand that the average person living in Altrincham might be more affluent and therefore have more complex needs and circumstances. We cater for this by offering a discrete professional mortgage advice service. 

Are you looking for a first time buyer mortgage advisor in Altrincham? Or perhaps moving house in Altrincham, or to remortgage a property in Altrincham. By all means, we can help. 

Importantly, our initial advice is always free. You can then decide whether to go ahead or not. Although we sometimes charge an application fee if you want to go ahead with a mortgage. However, this is usually where the commission paid to us by the lender does not cover our time. For example, if you have very complex requirements or a small mortgage. Without doubt, we will clearly explain all of this to you during our first call. We will always make sure you are fully informed and in control.

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How it Works

3 Easy Steps to a Simple Fast Mortgage

Quick Mortgages

Getting a quick mortgage can be a stressful scenario. Accordingly, it’s likely your initial mortgage application has failed or perhaps you have to make a quick purchase. Either way you’re now under pressure and Simple Fast Mortgage is here to help you get a quick mortgage. 

We have a trusted network of mortgage providers, legal experts, conveyancers and insurers. Therefore, you get your house purchase completed faster.

How? Rather than you dealing with these services independently we can have oversight over the entire process. Specifically, we do this by having a bespoke panel of experts who work together to achieve your common goal. 

Contact Us if you are interested in a more managed service.

5% Deposit Mortgages

With Help to Buy and Proportunity we can offer 5% deposit mortgages. You do not have to be a first time buyer. Equally, you do not have to buy a new build property.

These products involve an Equity Loan which is effectively a second mortgage on the property. Basically, the Equity Loan enables you to have a larger deposit available. As such, if you only have a 5% deposit, or if you want a larger deposit to access a better mortgage rate an Equity Loan can work wonders. 

Contact Us to see if you are eligible for a 5% deposit mortgage.

Professional Mortgages

Many professionals have chosen Altrincham as a place to live. Undoubtedly, professionals face different challenges to other home purchasers. For example, due to complex income structures, or self-employment. Sometimes due to career structure. Some professionals have access to specialist professional mortgages. Ultimately professional mortgages can allow you to borrow more money.

With a number of years working with professionals from all types of industries we know which lenders will help you achieve your goals. 

Contact Us in confidence to discuss your professional mortgage options.

Equity Release

Equity Release is a type of Lifetime Mortgage available to those aged 55 or over. You can access the value locked in your property with Equity Release. Evidently, it’s not suitable for everybody but can be a great solution for some people. You can choose if you wish to make regular mortgage payments or not. Specifically, all Equity Release products we recommend are safe and are backed by the Equity Release Council.

What’s more, you can use Equity Release for any purpose you like.

Some common uses are:

  • Pay off your mortgage or debts
  • Home improvements
  • Mobility or care costs
  • Helping your family
  • Dream holiday or purchase
  • Additional income or capital needs

Contact Us to discuss Equity Release.

See our beginners guide to Equity Release here: Guide to Equity Release

Read more about Alternatives to Equity Release here: Alternatives to Equity Release

Learn about how Equity Release works here: How Equity Release works

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