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Getting a mortgage through a traditional high-street mortgage lender isn’t always possible if your situation is more complex. There are alternative options in the form of a specialist or non-traditional mortgage available to those who need mortgages unique to their circumstances.

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Specialist Mortgage

Applying for a traditional mortgage can certainly be a difficult process with many people facing unexpected obstacles whilst trying to get approval. For those that require a mortgage for more unconventional situations, it’s even harder, and this is where we come in. Simple Fast Mortgage are specialist mortgage brokers who will help you find a mortgage with lenders who cater specifically to your mortgage requirements.


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What is a Specialist Mortgage?

A specialist mortgage is for those specifically looking for something beyond what a traditional high-street lender can provide. These mortgages tend to be unique either in terms of the property, the person’s income, credit history or background. Depending on the exact situation, these people are less likely to be accepted by a high-street lender or will be able to borrow a lot less than they would from a specialist mortgage lender.  A specialist or non-tradtional mortgage is more unorthodox and typically requires more underwriting by the lender than a traditional mortgage application, so it is important to use an expert adviser who knows the area well. 

If your application is more complicated it’s best to speak to a specialist advisor. Contact Us for more information.

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Why do I Need a Specialist Mortgage Broker?

Ultimately many specialist mortgage lenders do not accept direct applications from the public. Because the mortgages are more complex, they insist that those applying have first received expert mortgage advice. Even if you can go it alone, it can be more difficult to get approved if your application is more complicated. Our specialist brokers can help take the stress away. We have extensive knowledge of the lenders currently in the market and so can help find the lender with deals best suited to your circumstances, helping you to get approved quicker.


Our mortgage brokers help people from all backgrounds to find a mortgage and we can help you too. Contact Us to get started.

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Who Are Specialist Mortgages For?

Specialist mortgages are for people whose individual circumstances mean that they might not be able to get a traditional mortgage or if they have more complex circumstances that high-street lenders don’t cater for.


This is because high-street mortgage lenders have very straightforward criteria for who they will, or will not, accept. Life can be more complicated than this but, don’t worry, there are lots of other mortgage lenders ready to help. 


Examples of mortgages we can help with:

HMO Mortgage

Proportunity Mortgage – 5% Deposit Scheme

Rent to Buy Mortgage

Right to Buy mortgage

Interest only mortgage

Self-Employed Mortgage

Limited Company Director Mortgage

Contractor Mortgage

Expat Mortgage

Foreign National Mortgage – Get a mortgage on a VISA

Bad Credit Mortgage

High Net Worth Mortgage

Foster Carer Mortgage


This list is by no means exhaustive as the possibilities are endless! If you don’t see the type of mortgage you need listed here, Contact Us.

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What is a Specialist Mortgage Lender?

Most people are familiar with the traditional high-street lenders such as Halifax, but few are aware of the more specialist lenders (e.g Kensington) who are out there. The purpose of specialist mortgage lenders is to provide mortgages to those whom traditional lenders don’t lend to. 

Mainstream lenders tend to have more stringent rules as to who they will lend to. Commonly they run applications through computers, and if you don’t meet their rules it can be much harder to get approved for a mortgage. Specialist lenders are different, they look at applications on a case-by-case basis, with underwriters looking more closely at your circumstances before making a decision.

If your circumstances are unique, it’s often best to go with a specialist lender as you are more likely to get approved. Sometimes, it might be the only option available.

How do I Find a Specialist Mortgage Lender?

There are a lot of specialist mortgage lenders out there but you probably won’t have heard of most of them. Many of them also don’t deal directly with customers so you will need to work with a mortgage broker to apply. If you think you need a specialist mortgage lender, the best thing to do is give us a call on 0333 090 2025. We have unrestricted access to mortgage lenders, so our advisors know all the lenders and will know where you have the best chance of getting accepted for a mortgage.

Are Specialist Mortgage Rates More Expensive?

As specialist mortgage lenders take on mortgages for people who wouldn’t get approved elsewhere, rates can be more expensive. How high your mortgage rate will be will depend on what your exact circumstances are. There are things you can do to reduce the rate such as having a bigger deposit. Our mortgage brokers can advise you further on this, Contact Us to find out more.

What Will I Need to Provide For a Specialist Mortgage?

Do you want to buy a property, remortgage to another lender for a better deal, raise funds for home improvements or to pay off debts? If your personal circumstances are more complex you’ll probably need a non-traditional mortgage. We’ll confirm when you apply exactly what you need but generally it’s worth obtaining a copy of your credit report from a credit agency such as Check My File. You’ll also need proof of your income, identity and address. We can provide further information when you apply.

What Size Deposit Will I Need For a Specialist Mortgage?

You can get a specialist mortgage with as little as a 5% mortgage and with some schemes such as Right to Buy or where equity is being gifted you may not need a deposit at all. Generally speaking though, the larger your deposit, the greater the choice of mortgages and the lower the rate. We’d be happy to discuss this further with you when you Contact Us.

How Much Can I Borrow on a Specialist Mortgage?

What you can borrow will depend on your circumstances. Contact us for a full assessment of your current situation and we will confirm how much you can afford, what you will be able to borrow and what level of deposit you will need. When you apply we will also be able to confirm what documents you will need to provide. Visit our Get Started page to start your application journey.


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