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Obtaining a mortgage through a traditional lender, such as a bank or building society, isn’t always possible if your finance situation is more complex.

Our expert team will navigate the wide range of specialist or non-traditional mortgages to find the right deal for you.

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Specialist Mortgage

Applying for a standard mortgage can sometimes be a difficult process, with many people encountering unexpected obstacles while trying to secure finance approval.

Clients with an unconventional income, such as the self-employed, or those with a poor credit history can find it even tougher to find the right mortgage finance.

That’s where we come in.

The specialist brokers at Simple Fast Mortgage have access to a variety of lenders, providing information and support to help find the right mortgage for you.

Got questions? Contact us on 0333 090 2025 or read on for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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What is a Specialist Mortgage?

A specialist mortgage is for clients who are specifically looking for funding deals beyond what a traditional High Street lender can provide.

These mortgage applications tend to be unique either because of the property in question, the person’s income (if they are self-employed it could affect their income multiples, for example) or there are issues of bad credit.

Depending on the exact situation, these clients are less likely to be accepted by High Street lenders. Even if they do get the green light, more often than not, they’re able to borrow less than from specialist lenders, and face high interest rates.

That’s because a specialist mortgage typically requires more underwriting by the lender than a standard mortgage application.

It is important to talk to an expert adviser like us. We know this market well and can provide unbiased, informed support.

Contact us for more information.

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Why do I need a specialist mortgage broker?

The answer is simple: many of these sorts of lenders do not accept direct applications from the public. Because these property mortgages are more complex, they insist on clients having first received expert advice.

Even if you can go it alone, it can be more difficult to secure approval if your application is more complicated. If you do apply directly, you only get one chance to get it right.

We can help eliminate that stress. Our extensive knowledge of the market means we focus on finding bespoke funding solutions for you, helping you get approved quicker, no matter your credit score or circumstances.

Our experienced mortgage brokers help people from all backgrounds, from the self-employed to a variety of professionals, finding them deals with interest rates and mortgage repayments they can afford.

We can help you too. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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Who are specialist mortgages for?

These types of mortgages are for people whose individual income or business circumstances make it harder to secure a standard mortgage, or who are just not catered to by traditional UK lenders.

Here are a few common examples of specialist mortgages:

Self-employed/Contractor mortgages

People who are not in fixed, full-time employment, even if they have a solid credit rating, can find it tricky to secure the right mortgage for them.

Freelancers, contractors or someone who combines a part-time job with a side-hustle business all fall into this category.

Those who are self-employed, run their own businesses or have less than two years’ accounts or bank statements can also find the application process tricky, and may need a specialist mortgage.

Professional mortgages

It’s not just the self-employed who face roadblocks to the very best deals. As experts in this market we know that, for many successful professionals with a stable income, securing the right mortgage can also be difficult.

Qualified doctors, solicitors, dentists, teachers, barristers, engineers and even accountants may have a solid income and credit record, but they can still fall foul of lending criteria and affordability assessments.

Self-Build mortgages

Building the perfect home is a dream for many people but it can’t be done on a traditional mortgage. Instead, you need a specialist self-build mortgage.

It is largely because the funds are released in phases, rather than in one sum, so the money is spent over the course of the project and the lender’s risk is minimised.

At Simple Fast Mortgage, our brokers have identified niche lenders with more flexible eligibility criteria. That insider knowledge has helped thousands of business owners and people with an unconventional income find the best deals to secure their dream home.

If you have bad credit

Banks and building societies will always seek out borrowers that have a good credit score. However, our team can still help you secure a mortgage from a suitable lender, even if you have outstanding debts or bad credit.

What is defined as bad credit can range from late or missed payments to bankruptcy, CCJ or debt relief orders. Our expert mortgage broker team can help find affordable funding that meets your needs.

Contact us for unbiased advice on the latest specialist mortgage rates.

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Types of mortgages we can help with:

There are lots of different mortgages out there, catering for a variety of individuals and businesses. Here are just a few of the types we work with:


If you don’t see the type of mortgage you need listed, contact us.

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What is a specialist mortgage lender?

Most people know UK brands such as Halifax, but few are aware of the more specialist lenders (e.g Kensington) on the market.

Their purpose is to provide mortgages to people who can’t get them through the usual banks or building societies.

Mainstream businesses tend to have strict rules about who they will lend money to. Commonly they run applications through computers and, if you don’t meet the funding rules, getting them to lend money to buy or remortgage a property can be challenging.

Running your own business, being self-employed, if your profession doesn’t meet certain criteria, or having a poor credit report can all have a significant impact on your ability to access a range of mortgages.

Specialist lenders are different. An adviser examines applications on a case-by-case basis, and underwriters focus on the particular circumstances of each client before making a decision.

If your situation is unique, it’s often best to go with a specialist lender as you are more likely to secure funding. Sometimes, it might be the only option available.

How do I find a specialist lender?

There are a range of lenders on the market but, chances are, you probably won’t have heard of most of them.

That’s because the majority don’t work directly with an individual or business, so you need to find a mortgage broker like us to carry out the application and provide support.

If you think you need a specialist mortgage provider, call us on 0333 090 2025.

We have unrestricted access to a range of mortgage lenders. Our advisers can quickly identify where your application has the best chance of being accepted, and provide one-on-one support throughout the entire process.

Are rates offered by specialist mortgage lenders higher?

These lenders take on mortgages for an individual or business that wouldn’t get approved finance elsewhere, their loan rates can sometimes be higher.

The rates for these bespoke funding solutions depend on your personal circumstances, but there are ways you can offset them, for example by putting down a bigger deposit.

Our mortgage brokers can offer further advice and support on this. Contact us to find out more.

What do I need to provide for a specialist mortgage?

Do you want to buy a property, remortgage to another lender for a better deal, raise finances for home improvements or to pay off debts?

If your personal circumstances are more complex, you will probably need a non-standard mortgage.

Generally it’s worth obtaining a copy of your credit report from a credit agency such as Check My File, as well as providing proof of income, identity and address.

Our advisers will confirm exactly what you need when you apply.

What size deposit will I need for a specialist mortgage?

You can get a specialist mortgage with as little as a 5% mortgage and with some schemes such as Right to Buy. If the equity is being gifted, you may not need a deposit at all.

Generally speaking, the larger your deposit, your choice of mortgages is wider and the more likely you will secure lower interest rates.

Contact us and we can discuss all the details.

How much can I borrow from specialist lenders?

The agreed amount of finance you can borrow will depend on your circumstances.
Issues such as bad credit, whether you run your own business and your monthly income can all affect the type of loan you can access from a specialist mortgage lender.

Contact us for a full assessment of your current situation and, where necessary, calculate the loan to value. We will then confirm how much you can afford, what you will be able to borrow and what level of deposit you will need.

When you apply, we will also be able to confirm what documents you will need to provide.

Visit our Get Started page to begin your application journey.


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