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Here at Simple Fast Mortage, we provide a hassle-free commercial mortgage solution that is designed to match your business ambitions. Our quick and efficient commercial mortgage service is tailored to your needs, and our experts will assess your circumstances to help you access the most suitable lenders. We help business owners at every stage of their career to secure new properties, so whether you’re pursuing a first time venture, or if you’re looking to invest and grow your current business, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

What is a commercial mortgage?

An example of a commercial mortgage is a property used for a business purpose with a loan secured against it. A loan secured on your place of residence is not a commercial mortgage. This type of mortgage is for businesses that wish to borrow more than £25,000, and the lender grants money to the business owner, secured against the commercial property. As part of this service, we offer advice for mortgages for commercial buildings and mortgages for semi-commercial buildings.

Why consider a commercial mortgage?

If you want to expand your business or develop the property a commercial mortgage may be required. Commercial mortgages are often long-term loans that last up to 25 years. Commercial mortgages offer benefits such as allowing business owners to purchase a property which can be cheaper than renting. A commercial mortgage can also be used to consolidate debt, or raise capital. Capital can then be used for almost any purpose, such as buying additional property, purchase new equipment, or invest in the business.

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Securing a commercial mortgage

Commercial mortgage applicants will typically be required to complete an Assets and Liabilities form for the lender, and from this point they will assess your financial position. You will need to provide the lender with information on your business and personal finances – for example, bank statements for the last 3 months, accounting figures over the past 3 years, an additionally, evidence of address including lease and/or tenancy agreements, as well as financial projections for the future. Next a lender will value the property. The property valuation will determine the amount you can borrow, and this is because commercial mortgages are usually based on a percentage of the property value. The cost of a commercial valuation is dependent on the size and value of the property but starts at around £1,000.

Why work with a commercial mortgage broker?

Our service for commercial mortgage products is designed to help customers to access the best property loan that is available to them. Navigating the requirements of a commercial mortgage application process alone can be stressful, and a mortgage broker can help you to understand, and collate all of the necessary information. Simple Fast Mortgage has helped thousands of commercial mortgage applicants to bring both new business plans and growth potential to fruition through our specialist service.

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Here at Simple Fast Mortgage, we’re proud to provide our trusted services to commercial mortgage customers in Manchester and the surrounding areas, as well as providing credible advice on commerical mortgages in London. Whether you know exactly how your business growth will take shape. or if you’re in need of some support in understanding the typical criteria for a commercial mortgage, we’re always happy to help. Find more information on Altrincham commercial mortgages, Stockport commercial mortgages, or commercial mortgages for businesses in London, or simply contact us today and we’ll help to identify the first steps needed for your commerical growth plans.

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