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Getting a Mortgage as a Foster Carer

Foster caring is an extremely rewarding career but it can also be challenging and comes with a lot of responsibility. If you are a foster carer and are thinking of upsizing or refinancing your current property, you might be wondering if you can get a foster carer mortgage. The good news is that being a foster carer does not necessarily prevent you from getting a mortgage, and Simple Fast Mortgage is proud to advise on this area as part of our specialist mortgage offering. Our team is on hand to provide guidance that you can trust, and we will help you to explore the options available from both mainstream and specialist lenders.

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How Does Being a Foster Carer Affect Getting a Mortgage?

As a foster carer, your circumstances are unique when compared to many other applicants, and it can be harder to find a mortgage. Some lenders struggle to understand the complexities involved in the income of a foster parent, and this can cause issues when assessing how much they can lend to you. Despite this, there are mainstream and specialist lenders who understand foster carer income and offer more flexibility in their criteria. 


Foster care is not the same as having a job and so some lenders may treat you as self-employed as you don’t work for an organisation. If this is the case, you’ll need to provide tax calculations to confirm your foster income or an income letter from the care provider. Mortgage providers will also want to see how much experience you have in fostering, as well as how long you’ve been a foster carer for. They will also carry out further checks to confirm that you are financially stable and can afford the mortgage going forward.

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What is The Criteria For a Foster Carer Mortgage?

The criteria for a foster carer mortgage isn’t all that dissimilar to any other type of mortgage. The main differences are in the documentation you need to provide to confirm your income.


Typical criteria for lenders include:


  • A good credit score


  • Able to provide proof of your income


  • Minimum age of 18


  • Proof of your identity and address


  • A letter from your fostering agency – confirming your appointment
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Our team of experienced mortgage advisors will help you find the best mortgage for your needs. We work with a wide range of lenders who offer mortgages to foster carers. Our team can help you find a mortgage with competitive rates, flexible terms, and low fees. We will complete the application process for you and provide guidance throughout the mortgage process.

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