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When you work for the NHS, finding NHS mortgages can be difficult. We help NHS staff and key workers find mortgages with lenders who understand the complexities involving your income, making the process as smooth as possible.

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NHS Mortgages

NHS staff are busy. You work long hours, 7 days a week, easily losing track of the day of the week.  So you don’t have time to search for lenders specialising in NHS mortgages, and your shift patterns make communicating with them even harder.

We understand all of this, so you’ll deal with us instead of the lender. We know that you probably have some upfront questions, so we’ve put this guide together to answer the questions that come up frequently with regards to NHS mortgages.

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What are NHS Mortgages?

NHS Mortgages are exclusive mortgage deals for NHS staff workers and key workers. They used to be more readily available but many lenders stopped offering them. Fortunately for NHS staff, there are a small number of lenders who offer more specialised schemes such as Darlington Building Society

Lending criteria varies but when such schemes are available, Key Workers are typically able to access mortgages sometimes with only  a small deposit. Give us a call to find out more.

In addition to Key Worker mortgages, some lenders offer mortgages which are considered ‘NHS friendly’. Their lending criteria and income criteria are more suitable for those who work in the NHS, so the application process is smoother and more straightforward.

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Who Qualifies for Key Worker Mortgages?

Anyone who works for the NHS in a clinical setting is potentially eligible for the Key Worker Scheme. This includes those who work for:

  • NHS Trusts – Primary care, Ambulance, Mental Health and Social Care
  • GP surgeries
  • NHS Dental Practices
  • National Blood Transfusion Services
  • NHS Direct
  • Health Protection Agency

Not on the list? We may still be able to help. Contact us to find out more.

Whilst you might be eligible, it will also depend on your personal circumstances as to whether you will be accepted and we can advise on this further when you contact us.

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Do NHS Staff get Discount on NHS Mortgages?

The availability of discounts on mortgages for NHS staff is limited, and we can discuss this with you at the time of application. Another option to consider are the numerous government and developer schemes which offer incentives to house buyers.  For more information on the latest available schemes get in touch.

Is it Possible for NHS Staff to use the Help to Buy Scheme?

The Help to Buy Scheme is available to first time buyers employed by the NHS. The scheme helps first time buyers to join the “property ladder” by topping up your deposit so that you can buy your own property. The scheme closes to new applications in October 2022, but there are other options available. To find out more about the scheme click the link above.

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Can Key Workers get a Mortgage With a 5% Deposit?

A select number of lenders do offer mortgages which require a minimum deposit of 5%, however the availability of these and the rates do vary. We can talk you through the available options.

Can NHS Bank Staff get NHS Mortgages?

One of the main stumbling blocks faced by NHS staff trying to get a mortgage is their income. Many of the mainstream lenders want to see that you have consistent income over an extended period such as 2 years. This can be an issue for NHS bank staff for instance, as you don’t work fixed hours and don’t have consistent income. This is where Simple Fast Mortgage can help you. We know which lenders have criteria which are more sympathetic towards bank workers, so we know where you could bet accepted without the fuss.

Are NHS Mortgages Available to Staff in Receipt of an NHS Bursary?

It can be difficult to get a mortgage when you are a student on an NHS bursary scheme. Many lenders consider this to be ‘non-standard’ income and so they won’t accept it for affordability. Happily, there are a few lenders who will accept this source of income and we know who they are. Get Started today and we can advise you of what options are available to you.

Should Key Workers on Variable Income Apply for NHS Mortgages?

A common obstacle borrowers face is that the income on your payslips from the NHS can consist of many different payments such as basic pay, overtime, on-call pay, night pay, Saturday pay, Sunday pay, training pay – all of which varies month by month. This can cause issues getting the loan you need, if the lender is refusing to use all the variable income on your payslip. We know how frustrating this can be, so we take this into account when selecting a lender.

Can I Apply for an NHS Mortgage if Buying Through the Shared Ownership Scheme?

Yes, the Shared Ownership Scheme is available for NHS employees if they meet the criteria. The scheme helps you to buy your own home by allowing you to purchase a share of a property from the landlord. You then pay rent on the remaining share but have the option of increasing this through a scheme called ‘staircasing’. To find out more about the scheme click the link above.


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Could NHS Key Workers get NHS Mortgages for the Right to Buy / Right to Acquire Schemes?

If you are currently living in a property owned by the local authority or housing association you may have heard of a scheme which allows you to buy it from them, generally at a discounted rate. It’s known as either the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire scheme, depending on who you are buying from. If you are eligible for either scheme and work for the NHS, we will be able to help you.

Contact us to find out more.

I Have Bad Credit, Will I be Accepted for an NHS Mortgage?

Sometimes in life things happen and we end up with bad credit. Depending on the severity and how long ago this was, it can be more challenging to find the right mortgage but it’s not impossible. Nevertheless, there are lenders available who will consider applicants with missed payments, defaults, or even CCJs.  Chat with us today to find out more.

How Much can I Borrow on an NHS Mortgage?

Contact us to Get Started today to find out how much you can borrow. We’ll go through your current circumstances in detail, to establish what you can afford and how much you can borrow. We’ll then recommend the lender which we think is the right fit for you and ask you for relevant documents to start processing your application. This may include payslips, bank statements, proof of deposit, proof of name and address and any other information that is relevant to your application. Send us a message or call on 0333 090 2025 to find out more.


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