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Homeowners in London face a slightly different challenge to other homeowners. To clarify, London property prices have increased vastly. Therefore, it is quite likely a significant proportion of your wealth is tied up within your property. As such you may want to consider Equity Release London.

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Equity Release London Lifetime Mortgage

Many London homeowners have low incomes, only a small amount of savings, but substantial property values. It follows, many wish to access some of that equity to enjoy their lifestyle in retirement. Equity Release London could be a way to access some of the wealth tied up within your property. Contact Us for a free initial discussion.

Within this guide when we talk about Equity Release we are referring to Lifetime Mortgages. Specifically, Lifetime Mortgages are a mortgage secured on your property where you do not have to make regular repayments. Although, you often can if you wish to.

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However, there is another type of Equity Release called a Home Reversion Plan. Home Reversion Plans involve selling a proportion of your home. For this reason many people do not trust Home Reversion Plans. 

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What Is Equity Release London?

Equity Release London is a Lifetime Mortgage loan secured on your property in the capital city. It is available to over 55’s only. The loan does not have to be repaid until you pass away or move into long-term care. Additionally, there is no requirement for you to make repayments. Although, you have the option to if you wish. This can help to reduce the debt owing at the end. Importantly, our loan providers guarantee that there will be no negative equity remaining.

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How To Release Equity From Your London Home

To release equity from your London home you must firstly seek specialist advice from a qualified Equity Release London Advisor. Basically, you cannot use Equity Release without advice. This is to protect you. Contact Us to start the process.

Firstly, the advisor will assess whether Equity Release London is right for you. They will also talk to you about any other alternative options you may not be aware of. Subsequently, you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed. 

If you decide to choose Equity Release the mortgage broker will submit an application to the Equity Release provider. A property valuation will be required. The valuation will confirm how much equity you can release. 

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Pros & Cons and Pitfalls of Equity Release

The specific pitfalls for Equity Release London differ from person to person. This is because we all have different circumstances and requirements. Hence why you cannot take Equity Release without speaking to a qualified advisor. Send us an enquiry.

The most obvious pro of Equity Release London is having access to cash to spend as you like. You can access the locked-in value of your home. Another benefit is you can remain in your own home until you pass away or move into long-term care. 

There are other benefits such as the ability to make partial or full interest payments if you want to. This can help manage the amount of debt owed later. Additionally, you can make additional lump sum repayments of capital in the future to reduce the debt. Earmark a certain amount of the property value as an inheritance. Potentially, the ability to move home and take the Equity Release London to a new property.

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Unquestionably, many people use Equity Release London to supplement income in retirement. 

Benefits & Uses

  • Income in retirement
  • A cash lump sum for a specific purchase.
  • Home improvements
  • Paying for long-term care
  • Repay an existing interest only mortgage or other debt
  • Help younger family members onto the property ladder
  • Buy a car or second property
  • Gift an inheritance during your lifetime, rather than after it
  • Reduce inheritance tax
  • Make payments if you want to


  • Not obtaining the full market value of the property. For example, if you sold the property you would release more cash
  • Compound interest can increase the debt substantially
  • Reduced inheritance for any beneficiaries after your death
  • Potential impact on any means tested benefits you are due
  • Possible effect on long-term care state funding
  • Lack of flexibility should you change your mind in the future
  • Any specific disadvantages to Equity Release depends on your personal position. Speak to an advisor to assess your circumstances for free.

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Circumstances Could Change With Equity Release London

Some policies don’t allow you to transfer your plan to another property. This means having to settle any Lifetime Mortgage after the sale and before you buy another home. Consequently, this could leave you with less money for another property. Therefore, you should think carefully if there may be a possibility of you wanting to move home in the future. 

Another point to consider is if someone might come to live with you later in life. Perhaps, a friend or younger relative to provide care or even just for friendship. As such, the new occupant may have to sign a legal waiver. The waiver would be to give up any rights they have to the property, which would require legal advice.

Of course, you might start a new relationship, maybe even get married. The Equity Release London product may not be able to move into joint names, even if you get married. This could result in your partner having to give up the property if the original homeowner dies or moves into long-term care.

As a result, there are many factors that need to be weighed up before considering exactly what is right for yourself. Contact Us for expert advice in these areas.

Is Equity Release London A Good Idea?

Whether Equity Release is a good idea for you depends on a number of factors. Specifically, these factors generally include:


  • Your personal circumstances and requirements including your age, health, savings, assets, and income
  • How much money you require
  • Your future plans, including any inheritance you may wish to leave
  • Any means tests benefits you may receive now, or later
  • Alternative options you may have available


We will of course help you to consider all of these factors with a ‘no fee’ consultation. Contact Us if you would like to find out more.

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Royal London Equity Release

If you are looking for the Royal London website, you have reached the wrong place! Royal London does not provide Equity Release directly. They use a company called Responsible Life. It’s quite hard to find out how much Responsible Life charges for Equity Release applications as they do not make it easy to see. However, we have found this website where their fee is advertised as £1,295. 

In contrast, Simple Fast Mortgage will only charge £599 for an Equity Release application. We will provide you with a free initial advice consultation and only charge a fee if you decide to proceed with us.

Equity Release Calculator

Equity Release London calculators are usually a sneaky way to collect your personal information. Companies then call and email directly or add you to their email marketing campaigns. Not us. 

We don’t provide an Equity Release London calculator and neither does Martin Lewis.

Here’s why we don’t; online calculators are inaccurate and there is no ‘one size fits all’. How much equity you can release and how much it will cost depends on many factors. Therefore, the only sure way to accurately calculate Equity Release London is to assess your circumstances with a qualified advisor. We will assess your personal circumstances and provide you with all the information you require for free. By all means, you are not obliged to accept our advice. Contact Us for a free accurate assessment. 

Equity London Companies

You cannot take an Equity Release product without firstly receiving financial advice. Importantly, the financial advice must be provided by a suitably qualified and authorised individual. Contact Us if you would like to learn more about our Equity Release London services. Here is a list of some mortgage providers who are authorised to provide Lifetime Mortgages. These providers are also a member of the Equity Release Council. Remember, if you contact a mortgage provider directly, they may only provide advice on their own mortgage range. Therefore, this could limit your options and you may not get the best deal.

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