Greedy vendors to blame for increase in property


Rushed buyers, slow conveyancing and greedy vendors to blame for increase in property fall throughs We were talking to Mortgage Solutions a few days ago about greed for a higher sale price being one of the reasons for the increase in property deals falling through, but what does this mean? There are a host of […]

Advice on trying to get a house with bad credit


Manchester Evening News – Best advice for people trying to get a house with bad credit. With the struggles of the pandemic only just starting to feel like they may be behind us, we’ve now entered what has been called a ‘Cost of Living’ crisis. The current economic climate is personified by rocketing inflation, Bank […]

House prices climb in January with warnings

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House prices climb in January – but warning that the property market could slow later this year The UK property market has witnessed a strong start to the year, with the fastest house price growth since 2005. According to Nationwide’s house price index, house prices rose annually by 11.2% in January 2022, up from 10.4% in December 2021. As […]

Daily Mail Interest Rates

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What will the interest rate rise cost you? Average homeowner in Britain will have to pay another £552 a year after Bank of England raises rate to 0.5% Millions of homeowners face punishing mortgage bill hikes in the coming months after interest rates rose to 0.5 per cent today – meaning the average Briton could […]

This Is Money Buyers Being Misled

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You don’t HAVE to use an estate agent’s mortgage adviser We’re in the press again this week. This time talking to This Is Money about conditional selling by some estate agents who our customers tell us are misleading consumers into buying products they do not necessarily want or need. And we were by no means […]

How Much Mortgage Can FTB Get

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There is no set amount which all First Time Buyers can get. The amount of mortgage you can get is primarily based on affordability. This means considering income and outgoings. Amount of deposit and Credit Rating also play a part.  A broad rule of thumb is that you may be able to borrow 4.5 times […]

IFA Magazine Video Calls

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Video calls “the foundation of modern financial advice” Financial planning was always a face-to-face gig. That was the whole point: clients received personal attention and tailored advice from their trusted adviser. Then it all went off in Wuhan and life as we knew it ended, pretty much overnight.  Financial advisers, like people in so many […]

Doctors Can Minimise Tax When Home Buying

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How Doctors Can Minimise Tax When Home Buying We understand the different types of working arrangements doctors have. You may be self-employed, employed, or in training. Or even a combination of these employment types. It’s important to work with professionals who can guide you onto a clear path through this complex area. If you’re self-employed, it is […]

Professional Mortgages

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Professional Mortgages Clearly as a professional you have worked hard to get where you are. Particularly, years of study while others sat back. Consequently, you are in a strong financial position to get a professional mortgage. Click here to find out more. Equally, you may have a good deposit and healthy credit rating. As such, you […]