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What is refinancing?

In a nutshell, refinancing is the act of replacing one’s current home mortgage for another at a lower rate. Homeowners commonly choose to refinance their homes due to a decrease in market mortgage rates, or in order to reduce their interest payments, consolidate debt, take CASH out or change their mortgage provider. Refinancing is also a good option if you are looking to extend your mortgage timeline for a lower monthly payment.

Why refinance with Simple Fast Mortgage?

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We’re here to help you save. Whether you opened your existing mortgage with us or through a different lender, we can help you save thousands by adjusting your rate to better reflect your current financial situation and accrued equity.

If interest rates have dropped significantly below where they were when you first closed on your home, it might be time to refinance. Maybe you’re looking for entirely different mortgage plan than what you signed up for years ago. Whatever your situation, Simple Fast Mortgage is committed to finding you the best possible plan, with the lowest rate on the market. We believe that homeownership is a right, and that paying off your home should not be a struggle or a burden. We promise to make your refinance as pain-free and low cost as possible.