Congratulations on your decision to purchase! Whether this will be your first home, or you’re well versed in the real estate market, we’re on your side.


Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone looking at a third or fourth property, at we believe that owning your home is a right that everyone should enjoy. That’s why we will do everything we can to make your home ownership dream a reality. We have a wide variety of lending options and mortgage services to choose from, covering every type of financial circumstance. Whether you are a first-time buyer struggling to make the down payment or are a couple approaching retirement and in need of a little bit of extra cash, we have you covered.


The first step towards getting a mortgage is getting pre-qualified. It is usually a simple process and means providing your lender with a detailed picture of your current financial position. It can be done over the phone or on the internet and should be a free service. You won’t be credit checked as the process is there to paint an overall picture of what you can and can’t afford. Once it’s completed, the lender should provide you with an overview of your options and a pre-qualification letter on whether they feel they will be able to approve you for a loan or not.


We offer two options when it comes to negotiating your home loan. We can use either a direct lending approach, or, if applicable, we can arrange for a mortgage broker to work on your behalf. A broker works for the borrower to get him or her the best deal possible. They will assess the market as well as their client’s current financial state and negotiate with the right lender to get them the best deal possible. A good broker will have a wide variety of contacts within the market and be able to waive some of the normal application fees, thus saving the borrower money they otherwise would have had to spend. These contacts can also help if the borrower doesn’t have a particularly high credit rating and needs additional advice on where to go and what to do next. In other cases, you can expedite a loan closing by using a direct lending approach. At SFM we have underwriters on staff who can close your loan in as little as two weeks. With either approach, we can help you secure the best rate possible and close your loan quickly.


If you are in the situation where down payments are proving too high or bad credit is prohibiting you from qualifying for a traditional mortgage, then an FHA-backed loan could be the option for you. As these loans are backed by the government they allow for lower down payments than normal and can be taken out by people with slightly poorer credit scores. Down payments are capped at 3.5 per cent as long as the borrower has a credit rating of 580 or higher. To qualify you will have to prove to your lender that you have been in full employment for at least two years.

The FHA also offer a second type of loan called the 203K loan, which is given to people who want to renovate or make improvements to their property . It is a specialized loan, backed by the Federal Housing Administration and works in a similar way to the normal FHA loan. It is available to both buyers and house that are seeking to refinance. It combines the traditional “home improvement” loan with a standard FHA mortgage, allowing homeowners to borrow their renovation costs.


If you are fairly sure of qualifying for a mortgage the next thing you’ll have to do is decide how long you want that loan to be. Most people tend to choose between 15-year fixed-rate mortgages or 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. The advantage of the longer-term loan is that your monthly payments will be a little lower, although the overall amount you pay back will be higher. Alternatively you can apply for an adjustable-rate mortgage, where the interest rate is not fixed. The advantage of this is that the initial interest rate will be lower than most fixed-rate loans but these fees will rise significantly as the months and years go by.


There are a number of other mortgage options available, for people from specific backgrounds. One of these is a loan offered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to people who have served in the military as well as their families. It works in a similar way to the FHA loan in that it is backed by the US government, so the lender won’t suffer any losses should the borrower fail to make repayments. It also comes with one other major benefit: borrowers are able to get 100 per cent refinancing for the price of their home, so they don’t have to make any down payment whatsoever.

People from rural backgrounds could potentially take advantage of a loan offered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Managed by the Rural Housing Service (RHS) it is aimed at people from rural backgrounds with low incomes who struggle to meet the minimum requirements of traditional mortgages.


There is one other distinction we’d like to mention here and it concerns the size of the loan you are trying to borrow. A conforming loan is one that meets the underlying guidelines of Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac, two quasi-government organisations who back around 90 per cent of all loans in the US. A jumbo loan falls outside of this backing and is therefore seen as a much higher risk for the lender. For someone to qualify for the latter loan they must have an excellent credit rating. Jumbo loans will also have much higher repayment rates than those backed by Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac.


At we have years of experience negotiating the best deals for our customers. We pride ourselves on our low rates and transparent practices. Whether you are after an FHA loan or a VA mortgage, we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you make the right decision for your current financial needs. Homeownership is our business and getting the right property for our customers is our passion.
If you have any questions about getting a mortgage, or simply want to know a little more about what we offer, please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to answer any and all questions.